Green egg, but no ham

Green Eggs!

In the spirit of making things more complicated and gimmicky than they otherwise could be, here is an alimentary diversion to brighten an uncluttered morning, distracting from the chaos that reigns everywhere else but the kitchen. For those of you from the english-speaking world, you will also recognise this dish as a small tribute to a …

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Exquisite Cake!

celebration! / pistachio & almond cake

Three weeks ago we married each other for the second (and probably final) time in our short romantic history. We celebrated in my parents’ garden in Hawke’s Bay, lightyears away from the greysome German February in which we first made our vows. Instead of chugging cheap champagne from plastic cups on the sidewalk outside the Standesamt, this time we had what …

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A new adventure / heading homeward

My theory is there’s something about growing up in New Zealand that makes a lot of us kiwis long to cross oceans and live in other corners of the world and those of us who can, often do, for a time. Curiously, I have been experiencing the reverse impulse for a while: that it’s time to …

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feed me

Fond feelings for chicken broth / Hühnerbrühe

I present you with a blueprint for broth as an excuse, more than anything, to talk about feelings! The good kind. We all have them. Neither Tim nor I had the childhood recollection of homemade chicken soup. This, however, did not stop us from cultivating chicken soup-shaped nostalgia as grown-ups, borrowed from cookbooks, stories and other people’s kitchens. In the present day, …

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Franconian Pretzels

Fränkische Schweiz / Bierkeller, Burgen and Leberkässemmel

Setting the scene When friends from New Zealand came to visit last week, we stole them away to Franconia in Northern Bavaria, and specifically to that glorious mountainous castle-y part dubbed Fränkische Schweiz / Franconian Switzerland by the artists and poets of the romantic era. German romantics were the first ‘tourists’ to the region, their travels and musings coinciding …

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One-Eared Cat with Orange

Mallorca / Tourists, Cats and Stranded Jellyfish

I intended to share a recipe from our travels, but I’m still working on it. So, more pictures it is! And a couple of silly drawings. Mallorca/Majorca (pronounced Ma-your-car in New Zealand english) is an exceedingly popular destination for two populations in particular: German tourists! British tourists! They fly there in droves! Crawl all over the place like insects! They buy houses …

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Aperol Spritzers

Mallorca / Sausages, Spritzers and Vodka Sardines

Browsing through the photos I took last week a number of categories became particularly salient: Blurry pictures! Blurry pictures of food! Pictures of food which are considerably less blurry! Pictures of drinks! Pictures of water and/or rocks! Pictures of plants! Pictures of cats! And pictures of my companions wandering off into the distance. In this post, the first instalment, …

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Oven TV

Adventures in Bread / Observing Ovens

Since we began baking so much more bread than usual, we have also started spending a lot more time huddled in front of our oven, faces basking in the glow, closely monitoring the verdict of the oven thermometer. The hope is that the oven will perform better under close observation. Yet, no! After each and every introduction, …

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