Young Fern

A new adventure / heading homeward

My theory is there’s something about growing up in New Zealand that makes a lot of us kiwis long to cross oceans and live in other corners of the world

Bethells beach

and those of us who can, often do, for a time.

Blue Lake

Curiously, I have been experiencing the reverse impulse for a while: that it’s time to be home.

paddock lined with oak trees

And, fortunately, Tim is feeling adventurous.


Tongariro National Park view

So, New Zealand, we are soon hurtling home with a bundle of bread baskets and a heavy duty stand mixer!


We’re still figuring out the plan (the where, the how, the what)

Young Fern

though we know the shape of it, roughly.

Puketapu Store

and somewhere along the way we will figure out how to make a living.


Phew! Could I be any more vague? Probably not! Don’t worry, we might even know what we’re doing.

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