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celebration! / pistachio & almond cake

Exquisite Cake!

Three weeks ago we married each other for the second (and probably final) time in our short romantic history. We celebrated in my parents’ garden in Hawke’s Bay, lightyears away from the greysome German February in which we first made our vows. Instead of chugging cheap champagne from plastic cups on the sidewalk outside the Standesamt, this time we had what …

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Fond feelings for chicken broth / Hühnerbrühe

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I present you with a blueprint for broth as an excuse, more than anything, to talk about feelings! The good kind. We all have them. Neither Tim nor I had the childhood recollection of homemade chicken soup. This, however, did not stop us from cultivating chicken soup-shaped nostalgia as grown-ups, borrowed from cookbooks, stories and other people’s kitchens. In the present day, …

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Adventures in Bread / Rustic Rye / Rustikales Bauernbrot

rustic rye bread the second

The week fortnight (!) gone by has been one of doughy fingernails and floured pants. There have been more breads than we can handle, and a number of things have not been going to plan (An oven that lies! Doughs that stick! A poorly arranged bread schedule!) We are slowy addressing the offending variables – which is proving difficult – …

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On Aioli and Fish Sticks (inspired by growth of a balcony plant)

new growth

Our silly tarragon, which had been playing dead all winter, has come back to life with surprising vigour and I have no idea what to do with him. We are both impressed and bewildered. All fuzzy and new! You deserve a poem. Today, I peered out the balcony window at him (or her, though I don’t …

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An Excellent Pork Gyoza

One thing that surprised me most upon moving to Düsseldorf was there being no less than six supermarkets in a walkable radius from my doorstep. (So, this is high-density city living!) And this is Germany. I gawked uncomfortably at their shelves lined with jars of tall sausages, floating palely in Wurstwasser. The humans here eat must eat so much …

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Restarting a starter

“The recent re-hydration of our sourdough starter shall be an appropriate metaphor for this blog’s return!” I announced to myself this morning. We have travelled wordlessly through a great deal of time and space (swapping seasons then back again) and many lovely and curious things have happened in the interim, such as the surprise of our …

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