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Adventures in Bread / Rustic Rye / Rustikales Bauernbrot

rustic rye bread the second

The week fortnight (!) gone by has been one of doughy fingernails and floured pants. There have been more breads than we can handle, and a number of things have not been going to plan (An oven that lies! Doughs that stick! A poorly arranged bread schedule!) We are slowy addressing the offending variables – which is proving difficult – …

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Restarting a starter

“The recent re-hydration of our sourdough starter shall be an appropriate metaphor for this blog’s return!” I announced to myself this morning. We have travelled wordlessly through a great deal of time and space (swapping seasons then back again) and many lovely and curious things have happened in the interim, such as the surprise of our …

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Adventures in Bread / Fränkisches Bauernbrot (Franconian Rye)

Germans almost never have toasters, and this is because the bread is Already Amazing. Their faces would twist in uncomprehending Horror were I ever to speak of the rectangular loaves back home – limpid, those soft sandwich breads – but is that really what you eat? And I’d tell them yes, solemnly, for it sounds DRAMATIC that way. No …

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