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On Aioli and Fish Sticks (inspired by growth of a balcony plant)

new growth

Our silly tarragon, which had been playing dead all winter, has come back to life with surprising vigour and I have no idea what to do with him. We are both impressed and bewildered. All fuzzy and new! You deserve a poem. Today, I peered out the balcony window at him (or her, though I don’t …

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An Excellent Pork Gyoza

One thing that surprised me most upon moving to Düsseldorf was there being no less than six supermarkets in a walkable radius from my doorstep. (So, this is high-density city living!) And this is Germany. I gawked uncomfortably at their shelves lined with jars of tall sausages, floating palely in Wurstwasser. The humans here eat must eat so much …

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Kimchijeon (kimchi wants a pancake)

We went through rather a short-lived pickling phase, in which mounds of napa cabbage (Chinakohl/won bok/chinese cabbage) were transformed variously into batches of fermented kimchi – for science, pancakes, and grilled cheese sandwiches (Sliced apple, Gouda and Kimchi – revelatory!). The phase met an abrupt end however when the weather warmed. We’d been storing the giant kimchi jars outside, you see. …

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Baked feta, beautifully

A similar dish, made with considerably less love, was popular at a bistro Tim worked in. They served two versions: Onions and Tomatoes, Olives and Pickled Peppers. Yet, and don’t you agree, it makes such a lot of sense to put All of these things together for a full spectrum of colour and sociable minglings – The onions mellow, tomatoes collapse, the …

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