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An Excellent Pork Gyoza

Gyoza with chopsticks

One thing that surprised me most upon moving to Düsseldorf was there being no less than six supermarkets in a walkable radius from my doorstep. (So, this is high-density city living!) And this is Germany. I gawked uncomfortably at their shelves lined with jars of tall sausages, floating palely in Wurstwasser. The humans here eat must eat so much …

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Adventures in Bread / Fränkisches Bauernbrot (Franconian Rye)

slices, air pockets

Germans almost never have toasters, and this is because the bread is Already Amazing. Their faces would twist in uncomprehending Horror were I ever to speak of the rectangular loaves back home – limpid, those soft sandwich breads – but is that really what you eat? And I’d tell them yes, solemnly, for it sounds DRAMATIC that way. No …

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